Friday, June 28, 2013

In Which Dave Makes a Resolution

I haven't been writing very much of late; that much is obvious.

Now don't get me wrong, I hate reading blogs that consist entirely of posts in which the author promises to post more often. Telling people you're gonna post more is a waste of everyone's time; either post more, or don't.

So why am I doing it anyway?

Well, it's partly to work through the hang-ups I have with posting stuff online. I often have thoughts that I'd like to share with the world, and I develop them to the point where they're almost blog-ready, but before I set finger to keyboard, I second-guess myself. Without a schedule for posting, without a regular audience to hold you accountable for missing updates, the experience of blogging can feel a bit like street-corner preaching: you step up onto your soapbox, fling your observations into the ether on gossamer word-wings, and the world just keeps on spinning.

So I tell myself that I don't really know that much about whatever it is I wanted to post about anyway, and I really should just leave the speculation to people who actually know something about it. Don't clutter up the Internet with pointless ranting, I tell myself. Just sit back down and keep quiet.

But what's the internet for, if not for cluttering up with pointless ranting? This is 'Murika, goddamnit! Where a man can say whatever the hell he pleases! I might not know everything about the various subjects I write about, but that doesn't disqualify me from having opinions about them. And dammit, I like writing! I've missed doing it regularly, and the best way I know to make yourself do something is to tell everyone you're gonna do it; that way, if you don't follow through, you look like a schmuck.

So I'm stepping up my game: I'm gonna start posing here more often. I'm gonna try for once a week, every Monday morning. They might not always be full-length posts, but I have a tendency to write too much anyway, so that's fine. What with the wedding coming up in October, I'll probably write shorter posts, or post less-often, so you'll all just have to live without the light of my empyrean wisdom for a few weeks at a time. Sorry about that in advance.

In the meantime, I'm following the advice of my my friend Jonathan Barkan (@jonathan-barkan) by making a Twitter account to promote myself and my writing. You can tweet me and/or follow me at @DWurtsmith. (Yeah, that's right, I broke down and got one. Joooiiiinnnn ussss...)

Anyway, the next one's gonna be up on Monday, July 1st. It's already waiting in the wings, just waiting to be loosed upon the world. Keep your eyes peeled for it, and all that'll follow it.

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